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4 Applications to Create Flowcharts, Easy and Complete Features

Flowchart alias flow chart is an important tool in a job. Including when you are planning a project and are required to present it. Packaging the concept in the form of a flowchart will help you explain in detail and in a structured way.

Well, now you don’t have to bother drawing flowcharts manually. This is because an application is available to create flowcharts that can be accessed on all devices. Just select the available template and type the steps as needed.

1. GitMind

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The recommended application for creating the first flowchart is GitMind. The app provides various flowchart templates that you just need to edit. In addition, you can also create your own flowchart according to your needs and desires. A clean interface and easy-to-follow instructions will make all your work easier.

The features presented are also very suitable for team work. The reason is, you and your colleagues can collaborate to edit one flowchart at the same time from anywhere. You can add a slide show effect to your flowchart, change its color, and turn it into a mind map.

Later, the flowchart that you create can be directly downloaded in PDF, JPG, PNG, to SVG formats. This app supports installation on both iOS and Android and is available on all devices.

2. Microsoft Visio

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Microsoft always provides services with various features that can make work easier. One of them is an application for making flowcharts, Microsoft Visio. Not only flowcharts, this application is also multifunctional and can be used to create charts to house plans or floor plans.

In this application, you will find lots of ready-to-use flowchart templates. However, users need to create their own flowcharts according to their needs. To use it, all you have to do is select and enter data in the available columns. So, the flowchart will change according to the existing data.

Like other Microsoft applications, Microsoft Visio supports collaborative work in real time. The trick, just log in using a Microsoft account and then you can access the flowchart online simultaneously.

3. Think Composer

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The application for making the next flowchart is ThinkComposer. Unlike the previous two recommendations, the Think Composer display looks more complex. In addition, there are many tools on the home page that might make you confused when you first use it. Even so, ThinkComposer is widely used by professionals.

There are various ThinkComposer features, ranging from business models, timelines, use case diagrams, to other forms of diagrams that make work easier. Here, you can mark each stage with a different color and icon according to certain criteria. That way, the flowchart that you create will be easier to understand.

Reported by the ThinkComposer page, this application is only available for Windows devices. However, to use it does not need high specifications, because ThinkComposer supports installation from Windows XP or later.

4. Creately

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Next, there is Creately. This application for making flowcharts carries a modern theme with a minimalist look. You will feel a clean visual as soon as you open it.

Not only does it look attractive, the features offered are no less beautiful. Here, you will find a variety of ready-to-use flowchart templates or blank canvases to be created according to your needs. There is also a task feature that can be used to record the division of tasks in a structured manner.

Creately makes it easy to do work together through collaboration features. The flowchart results that you have created can also be exported in other forms. This application supports integration between other applications such as Google Docs, Microsoft Office, to Slack. Very suitable for work tools!